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Gold MinerGold Miner
Reel out gold and treasures out of the earth and collect target money before level ends.
I Love TrafficI Love Traffic
U love the traffic and so its ur turn to on and off the traffic lights and direct the traffic.
Ice SlideIce Slide
Set your power and slide the penguin over ice to cover maximum distance.
Iron Maiden Flight-666Iron Maiden Flight-666
Drop sneakers as you join the heavy metal band as they tour the world in their private jet.
Jasmines Flying HighJasmines Flying High
Help Jasmine and magical carpet to set Alladin free from captives of Mozenrath.
Kungfu PandaKungfu Panda
Follow the instruction and carry on your journey.
Log RunnerLog Runner
Help the man to cross the river and reach the other side by balancing on the floating logs.
Lynx BikeLynx Bike
Show your skill over the bike and control it as you tilt and lean.
Mafia Driver KillerMafia Driver Killer
Get crazier than before & run over the pedestrians to collect necessary items & pass levels.
Max Dirt BikeMax Dirt Bike
Race your bike and help it get over all the obstacles and reach the goal before time runs out.
McDonald's Video GameMcDonald's Video Game
Have fun all the way you learn how to make money in a big corporation.
Moby DickMoby Dick
Eat octopuses and everything that moves, destroy whale hunters and earn bonuses.
Party DownParty Down
Take over a catering team as you help the Hollywood elite celebrate in style.
Pasarea MancacioasaPasarea Mancacioasa
Help the creature to fly eating all the cherries & avoiding all obstacles in its way.
Pingpong-Keep the Ball UpPingpong-Keep the Ball Up
Pipol DestinationsPipol Destinations
Move the ramps to construct a pathway to safely guide the spheres into the goal.
Resident Evil ApocalypseResident Evil Apocalypse
Have fun as a you tss the dwarfs from a wharf to the ship.
Rickshaw JamRickshaw Jam
Make a way for your rickshaw and help it come out the jammed parking space.
Road CrisisRoad Crisis
As a traffic controller you have to manage the traffic as perfectly as you can.
Sky DriverSky Driver
Help your sky driver to land safely on ground and collect parachutes to restore lives.
Snow StormSnow Storm
Its a snow storm. Clear the path by removing all the piled snow off the way.
Spider-Man City RaidSpider-Man City Raid
Help Spiderman sling his web on buildings and other objects in the city.
TU 95TU 95
Test your skills as you fly high in your helicopter and control the flaps as you fly.
The Bank RobberThe Bank Robber
Rob the bank and escape out of it with as less casualties as possible.
Throw MeThrow Me
Build up the momentum and swing the ball to cover the maximum distance and height.
Tic Tac ToeTic Tac Toe
A game of criss corss. Just point yours in the right box.
Tic Tac Toe-2Tic Tac Toe-2
Have fun a s you play a game of tic tac toe against your opponent.
Tower BloxxTower Bloxx
Build towers and place them wisely in city grid to create a thriving Megalopolis.
Truck SterTruck Ster
Connect the trailors, deliver the goods and move your way without letting the truck crash.
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