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Hannah Montana Dressup

Hannah Montana Dressup - Here is your chance to try out your hand in dressing up the ever gorgeous Hannah Montana. . Play it free, rate it, send to your friends, add the game code to your blog or Myspace.

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User: Johana
who likes hannah??? i do
User: jaliah
love hannah montana
User: Kelsaaa.x
COMG I LOVE HANNAH MONTANA she is so pretty and talented.
User: Natasha
Do ever play fashion at home because it is a lot fun and you can do what ever is is you want.
User: dascha
omg this games awesome mileys better than n e 1 else in the world
User: dascha
omg mileys the coooooooooooolest person eeeeeeeeeeeeevvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
User: lilly
i lovveeeeee hannah montana sooooooooooooooooo much
User: sania
awsome game i swear
User: Miley
Heyeverybody i love your comments on my game.Their all sooo nice
User: candi
miley u r so cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
User: Bella
I think your game is okay. It could be better because Hannah Montana dresses more fashionably. This game needs more fashion choices. Thank you 9829;
User: twety
Hanah rocks
User: jazmine
this game is so much fun and i like it very much
User: violet
omg like i love hannah montana she is so fab
User: m_ry_m_n_
th s game s perfect
User: Faith_Miley
hey.....omg i lv hannah/miley frik da h8rz back off
User: miley_ray_cyrus
thank you guys so much for leaving so nice comment on this game of me look at my other games on dressupgames.com i love my fans so much you guys are what keep me going.
User: Elise_parker
Comment hannah you are awsome so is miley i love your show
User: Adriana
Hi i love this game hahahahahhaha.
User: miley_ray_.ox.
hey all thanks for all the coments this ame is awsome although it doesnt look like me haha see you guys soon LY miley .oxox.
User: Sammy
Miley is so pretty. She is the prettiest girl in the whole entire universe except for my mommy. I love Miley Cyrus and Hannah Montana Rock on
User: team_edward_
i like miley. this game is kind of boring.
User: ayana
the night club dress-up was cut3 it made m3 want to go to a night club myself.
User: ayana
this game was fun. i liked it so much i told all my friends about it.
User: mohini
great game.i love hannah montana .she is very cute and charming
User: Kaitlin
Like it
User: Your_Name
omg Hannah u are soooooooo cool u rock
User: kasturi
i just luv u and ur songs. hannah u r great
User: cloexx
luv u hannah ur gorgeous and so is lola omg
User: rebecca
i loooove you hannah/miley you rock this world.
User: Setare
i dont know but i think it rocks cuz Miley/Hannah rocks you hold put some for hsm high school musical too
User: Ema
This game is cool
User: christina
this game is soooooo.....cool
User: miley_cyrus
i love miley soooooooooooooooooo much i have her autograph and cloths too i even went to watch hannah montana the movie who did
User: Katie
User: Toni
this game rocks.i wonder y people think hannah sucks.i love her.
User: hayley
i love this game it is so much fun i love miley /hannah she rocks .
User: jodi
hannah rocks
User: jennifer
User: mercedes
these games are very good.
User: sarah_ilim
this is such a fun and easy game
User: Miley_Montanna...LOL
Hey yall say what???? Miley Cyrus and Hannah Montanna
User: Chelsea
I LOVE Hannah Montana
User: miley
miley rock she is nice no body will say about her bad if any body say the words will go back to them
User: Aneesha
Miley u r soooooo coooool I m ur great fan n ur movies r so gooooooood keep it up n u ll be 1 of the greats
User: lydd
It s ok but no good clothes Hannah dresses ALOT better
User: farah
i love this game but hannah more
User: chloe
This game is good and i love hannah montana
User: shakeela
i love u soo much miley u have a great voice
User: Emilyxxxooo
i love this game it is... awesome great amazing good perfect love it and miley i love that book that is awesome too emily love you all
User: miley
this game well i have seen better ones
User: aneeta
i luv Miley she is so cool especially in Hannah Montana Movie
User: aneeta
luv u miley ur soooooo cool and pretty and luv ur songs
User: user56
i love miley but she is a lot more fhashonable.
User: resha
she is super star .she is very good.
User: natasha
i look so like miley i love her so much she is only my fav celeb okay so i wanna say to miley sweet niblats.
User: mili
u rock u r d cooooooooolest person ever
User: mahi
i luv hannah games
User: sienna
User: jamiladelecia
Comment I love 2 her HANNAH sing she is awsome .
User: megan
its cool
User: Kathy
she is such a talented actress and singer.i want to meet her.i like her so much.
User: fitriyanija_far
iiiiiiiiiiii...........liiiiikeeeee.......this gameeeeeeeeeee
User: Kathy
I love Hannah Montana .She is so petty and her songs.
User: Kathy
Hannah Montana is a coooooooooooooolest person.I wish i had Hannah Montana prizes.
User: Jamie
Hannah Montana Rocks
User: sarah
User: Kathy
I Love Hannah Montana becaues she is a popstar.I love Hannah Montana dressup games and makeover games.She is so coooooooooool
User: chelsea
I love hannah montana your songs are awesome they rock
User: malaika
i like the games
User: malaika
i love hannah lol
User: kAyLa_BBY_ily
hannah IS so cOOl TaLeNt pErSoN???
User: zaynab
omw hannah montana is so pretty i love her so much she is the best singer
User: lilly
the games are soooooooooooooooo cool
User: Diana
Guys. this games rocks just like hannah
User: Kathy
Hannah Montana is talented.
User: midhila-das-k
this game is very nice.i like hannah very much
User: neha_mariam_salu
I love this game
User: Amber
hanna montan u so rock lm your bigest fan woud u be my best friend yyour so ccccccccoooooooooollllllllllllllll
User: jurrien_02
go miley............love ya.............mwuah love your voice love your dress love your song......
User: X...miley_1...X
OMG i luv this game i always play it and i put the same outfit on because it looks so hot on her LOL ¦ D
User: larabe
mileys the best
User: anjela
luf u hanna
User: bribri
be very creative its awesome lol
User: miley
i love miley cyrus
User: Kathy
Hi Hannah Montana Our cooking games are cccccooooolllll.
User: harley
i love miley and hannah they rock
User: emo_girl
omg miley is so so so cool and talint i love her miley rocks
User: khadeeja
i love this game
User: bolu
miley cirus is the bestesttttttttttttt 1
User: magret
i love the way she dresses and sings
User: jenna
ossssssam games
User: mikaleaa
i love hannah miley there so cool
omg... Miley u r so COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL . i
User: ariel
User: cristina
i love hannah montana she is so pretty and talented.
User: Saheda
Omg miley you so cute and talented I love Hannah montana xxxxxx
User: laiba
wow mily cyrus you are amazing star.
User: ashley
hannah montana i luuuv u ihave ur bags shoes dresses everything am ur biggest fan
User: anne_benz
i love ur game
User: Madison
I m Madison.I know your secret.I really love your show and Lilly.
User: rihana
i wana dress up jenilia disowja
User: Colleen_Roberts
this games are sooooooooo fun
User: aswani.oscar
i like this game very much
iiiiiii likeeeeee this games
User: sadie
i like hannah/miley but sorry to say this isn t the coolest hannah montana game its pretty good
User: Your_Name
Rocking game.
User: Julie
Rocking Game..
User: Kathy
Now i have lots of Hannah Montana toys.
User: parul
nice game
User: suman
Good Game
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